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​“PSDC is AMAZING. It was our first year this summer and we will definitely be back. The camp counselors are all so motivated and energetic. They love being around the kids, are playful and fun. My son comes home happy and tired at the end of each day. They do all sorts of field trips to keep things interesting and involved. In addition, they are very communicative, and the director will call if anything comes up that a parent would need to know about. All in all, A+ experience!”

"PSDC turned our summer around! In the midst of a pandemic, we couldn’t have imagined that PSDC would offer six weeks of almost normal. My 2 girls had a BLAST. They came home every day with fun stories, new songs, games, new friends. They loved the water play days with a blow-up water slide, scavenger hunts in the park, archery, drama… After the last day, my 8 yr. old said she was so sad it hurt. Wearing masks and new routines did not take away from the joy of camp. PSDC showed what we can do for kids with careful planning and good leadership. We are so thankful!!"

"Back in March, I never thought it was possible that my kids would get to go to camp this summer, have fun and be with friends. But I said to my husband, if anyone will be able to pull it off, it’s Park Slope Day Camp. Our boys had the best time these past two weeks — I will never forget picking them up the first day, and the two of them fighting over who got to tell me about their day first. I realized that for almost five months at home, they had no stories to tell me or adventures to recount because we’d been together the whole time! Every day they had tales about archery and the water slide and nature walks.  They came home today sad that camp was over but excited to tell me about their medals (Selfless and Respectful), show me signed t- shirts and talked about next year. You gave them a summer (and gave me several weeks of uninterrupted work time!) Thanks again for the extra effort you put in — and we will see you next year!!!"

"I am a teacher so I know how hard it is to keep young children entertained, safe and engaged.  Park Slope Day Camp has provided my daughter with great opportunities to enjoy herself as well as having her learn the meaning of friendship, routines and sharing."

“My daughter is going into first grade and she had a great time. The fact that they had a different activity/excursion every day was exciting. We would get the schedule for the next week on Thursday/Friday, print it out and put it on the fridge. She would read what was happening each day (good reading practice!!) and was excited about it all.

“My kid is proud to wear her camp shirt, and gets a kick out of seeing other kids wearing it off site. We'll have to size up for next year! Big thumbs up for the mini camps, too, which are held during school holidays and have much the same spirit and activity.”

​“He loved camp and I am sure he'd love to see his counselors again for another summer. It's so nice to be able to rely on one camp to deliver enough variety and interest to keep a child engaged all summer, rather than moving them around to a different one each week.”

​“This was his third year and a lot of the staff know him so I feel comfortable with him there. He enjoys his time there with the kids and staff.”

​“I always find that PSDC invests well in its staff and is a good professional and well thought out program.”

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