Campers entering grades 6, 7 & 8

Windsor Terrace and Bay Ridge


On Wheels - we’re going places! The best trips within a day’s travel. Camp staples like swim, beach, bowling, movies. Show-stopping special events.  No such thing as missing out on the special trip of the summer because we visit a different amusement park every week.  If all this sounds incredible, wait - there’s more… amazing “workshops,” with highly specialized instruction in both athletic and creative electives.



  •  1 full day trip 

  •  1 late-stay trip to an Amusement Park 

  •  a trip to the pool 

  •  bowling or movies  

  •  1 day of “workshops” 

*Activities may be substituted with special events and performances.



Overnight trips are great experiences for our campers and one is included with every 4 weeks of camp. Overnight travel is by first-class coach bus.  On Wheels is very well supervised by a mature, experienced staff. Co-ed groups are arranged by grade.


Camel Beach Mountain Waterpark

  • Thursday, July 9 - Friday, July 10

Club Getaway

  • Tuesday, August 4 - Thursday, August 6


Dates & destinations may change due to unforeseen circumstances or conflicts.



Would your child enjoy a couple weeks of circus skills? WE DO THAT TOO! Through our very own Cirque d’Été specialty program, campers can enjoy both a traditional day camp experience and a performance camp all in one, making it a truly tremendous summer!  Need transportation to make it work?  Sign up for the Express Bus!

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On Wheels