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Our online registration system is efficient, but you may find you need a little help sorting through the many options we offer.  Please take your time going through the application and take a look at the hints below and throughout the application.  If you have questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call.  


We require our campers and staff to be fully immunized in accordance with New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene regulations. Click here for our policy.

Our application works best using Google Chrome.


Helpful Hints

  • Will I be able to change my child's schedule?
    Our policies are designed to give families maximum flexibility while considering the realities of camp enrollment. We accommodate schedule change requests until May 15 (additions are dependent upon space availability). After May 15, all schedules are considered final. Should your child be required to attend summer school, we will make an exception, provided we receive official written notice in advance.
  • Can I cancel my child’s registration?
    All payments, less the $150 registration fee, are refundable on or before May 15. If you are owed a refund, a 5% administrative will be deducted from the amount.
  • What is your immunization policy?
    We require our campers and staff to be fully immunized in accordance with New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene regulations, with the sole exception of those who have an exemption for a sincerely held religious belief, or a medical exemption for a specific immunization or immunizations from their primary care physician. Those requesting an exemption must do so within seven days of signing this agreement. Notwithstanding the forgoing limited exemption for other illnesses, we will not enroll (and may withdraw or terminate) a camper or hire a staff member who is not vaccinated against a current outbreak or epidemic with a mandated vaccine, subject to applicable laws and official guidance.
  • Can my child be in a group with friends?
    As long as the children have requested to be at the same site and are in the same grade, we will do our best to group them together. Please understand that the later in the registration season it is, the harder it is for us to accommodate requests. We will always do our best, but we cannot guarantee that children will always be grouped with their friends.
  • What will my child wear to camp?
    Your child will receive 5 PSDC T-shirts on their first day of attendance. Our campers wear a camp T-shirt, shorts, and sneakers. From time to time, you will receive an email suggesting optional dress-up to go along with one of our theme days.
  • Will camp provide lunch or snack?
    Campers bring lunch from home. We will provide snack in the afternoon consisting of an individual container of fruit juice and a commercially pre-packaged item such as cookies, baked chips, or pretzels.
  • Who are the counselors?
    PSDC counselors are a diverse bunch. Some of our staff grew up as our campers and bring with them years of camp traditions. Others are our friends and neighbors, local babysitters, and teachers. All have experience working with children and are chosen for their enthusiasm and creativity. Prior to camp, we conduct a fun, yet very rigorous training program.
  • When are medical forms due?
    Medical forms are due on or before June 1 unless your registration was submitted after May 20, in which case the form is due 2 weeks prior to your child’s first day of camp. Sooner is always better!
  • Can I drop-off later or pick-up early?
    It is important that you drop-off and pick-up on time. If you, on occasion, need an accomodation please contact our office.
  • Will my child drink enough water on hot days?
    The PSDC staff is taught the importance of hydration during staff training. We have “water fountain visits” when in the park and travel with coolers of water on hot days. We ask campers to bring water bottles and we will refill them as needed.
  • Is camp very competitive?
    Our camp is fun and active, but not especially competitive. Next to safety, we encourage kindness and sportsmanship above all.
  • Will my child, who will only be in camp for a couple of weeks, feel left out?
    Not at all. We have children starting camp every week of the summer. Each Monday morning begins with special activities designed to break the ice and reshuffle the group dynamic. We have always offered very flexible registration and pride ourselves on how welcome newcomers feel.
  • Does my child need extra money at camp?
    No. PSDC provides everything your child needs however older campers are permitted to bring small amounts of money on trip days.

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