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Medical Form & Immunizations

Form and Deadlines

The NYC Department of Health requires a medical form

as a condition of your child's participation.

Summer Camp

Medical forms are due on or before June 1, 2024 unless your registration is submitted after May 20, in which case the form is due 2 weeks prior to your child’s first day of camp.  Forms must be based on an exam conducted after August 23, 2023.

Late forms will incur a late fee, however our goal is to collect your child's medical form, not the fee.

Mini Camp

Medical forms are due prior to the first day of attendance for any Mini Camp and must be based on an exam conducted within a year of the camp dates.

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Immunization Policy

We require our campers and staff to be fully immunized in accordance with New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene regulations, with the sole exception of those who have an exemption for a sincerely held religious belief, or a medical exemption for a specific immunization or immunizations from their primary care physician. Those requesting an exemption must do so within seven days of signing this agreement. Notwithstanding the forgoing limited exemption for other illnesses, we will not enroll (and may withdraw or terminate) a camper or hire a staff member who is not vaccinated against a current outbreak or epidemic with a mandated vaccine, subject to applicable laws and official guidance.

COVID-19 Vaccination

There is, at present, no general vaccine mandate that would require your child to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to attend camp or participate in off-site activities, however this is subject to change, and you will be required to comply with the regulations in effect at the time your child attends camp. 

Immunization Policy

Submitting Your Form

Completed forms should be uploaded in your Campanion app or to your online account (preferred,) faxed to 718-369-6053 or mailed to our office. Whatever the method of delivery, please get your child's medical form to us on time! 

The Park Slope Day Camp

694 5 Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11215

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