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Middle Camp

For campers entering grades 3 & 4.

Available at all locations.

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They get to choose!

Middle Camp is all about helping rising third and fourth graders reach new levels of independence and experience. Our staff helps children explore their interests by allowing them to choose specialty activities for themselves.


No two days are ever alike - with activities like gaga, team sports, group games, arts & crafts, and swim rotating in and out of the schedule.  We’re active in Prospect Park, and out in the community for bowling, game room, mini golf, and gymnastics.  

A Typical Week in Middle Camp

  • camp activities and fun throughout the week. PLUS

  • one full day trip. 

  • two visits to the pool.

  • a camp special event/theme day.

  • one 1/2 day trip to bowling, gymnastics, mini golf, or the game room at Industry City..

  • a trip to the beach (3 or 4 times during the summer.)

  • "Choice" activity periods once or twice a week.

  • occasional guest performances.

Activities may be substituted with special events and performances.

Add weeks in Sports Academy or a session of Take the Stage

Would your child enjoy a couple of weeks of sports instruction or are they ready to put on a show? We do both!

In Sports Academy, campers can enjoy both a traditional day camp experience and an athletic skills camp all in one. 


In Take the Stage, campers are immersed in creative activities in the arts (song, dance, and drama) and stagecraft, with a sprinkle of traditional camp too.  Sessions end with the campers taking the stage in a gala performance.

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