Team Up provides access to camp calendars anywhere, anytime and allows us to share more information with you than ever before. In the event of last minute changes - typically due to rain - your digital calendar will be updated in real time

Teamup App
Download it for Android or iPhone. 

Create an account and when prompted, copy and paste the link from your Goodtimes newsletter to access your child's calendar.

Teamup in a Web Browser
You can bypass the app and use the link from your Goodtimes newsletter to access 's summer calendar in your web browser.

We have worked with both versions and find the app is the best way to view the calendar.  That said, in the browser you can enable notifications to get an email whenever the calendar is edited. Just click the blue box with 3 white lines in the upper right corner, then "Preferences," and then "Email Notifications".

Viewing the Calendar

There are several options for displaying the calendar.  In most "views," hovering over an item or clicking on it displays additional info.  Both the "Agenda" and "List" views will give you an option to see the additional info without hovering or clicking if you check the "Details" box near the upper left corner.

Managing different calendars

If you have children in different units - or one child enrolled in more than one program - we recommend registering an account with Team Up.  You can then add multiple calendars; please note you will need to go to the Dashboard to toggle back and forth between different calendars.

Please don't hesitate to contact our office with any questions or suggestions.