A message to everyone. We're in this together.

I hope you are safe and well.  While I had hoped to have some news regarding opening this summer by now, I am still in the dark.  For those who are interested, I am happy to share some of the complexities that have us stalled for the time being.

Camps in NYC operate under licenses issued by the NYC Department of Health in conjunction with the NYS Department of Health.  PSDC is also accredited by the American Camp Association which is a membership organization that sets very high standards for its camps. While ACA accreditation is a rigorous process and a highly respected achievement, it is not required to operate a camp in NYC.  A license from NYC is.

At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ACA, together with the YMCA, retained the services of Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc. to study and recommend best practices for the camp industry to operate this summer.  This was a huge undertaking and these recommendations were finally released over the weekend.  So important was this that it was headlined on the Today Show Monday, May 18th.  As a camp operating in Brooklyn, however, we are also beholden to the NYS and NYC Department of Health, neither of which has yet released their requirements and restrictions.

Given this predicament, I will extend our final payment and cancellation deadline to June 15 and ask that you, once again, hang in with us.  I hope that, by that time, I will finally be in a position to share with you our plan for Summer 2020.

Pending the go-ahead to open, guidelines from the authorities, and a decision on whether or not park permits will be issued this summer, we hope to present a re-imagined PSDC-2020; a program designed for maximum safety for our children and staff.


If we cannot operate this summer, or if you decide that PSDC-2020 is not the right program for your child, you will have the following options.

Request an Enhanced Credit for Summer 2021
It will help sustain the Park Slope Day Camp if you agree to carry your credit balance forward to next summer.  As an incentive, we will apply your $95 registration fee to next summer and add 7% to the remaining credit balance.  For example, if you have paid $1095 on your Summer 2020 bill, it will be worth $1070 plus the $95 registration fee for a total of $1165. 

  • Your Summer 2021 enrollment will be eligible for all applicable discounts, starting with the Very Early Re-Enrollment discount we offer in the fall.

  • The enhanced credit may be used for any child in your immediate family.

  • Should your plans for the summer 2021 change, you will still be able to request a refund, less the $95 registration fee and a 5% administrative fee.  In this case the enhanced credit would be removed from your account.

Request a Refund
If this is simply impossible for your family, we understand.  You will be able to request a refund of the unused funds to the payment method we have on file, less the $95 registration fee and 5% administration fee.  Given our overhead including our leadership team and that we have already heavily invested in staples like camp t-shirts, sports equipment, first aid supplies and more, we will need time to complete these transactions, but we assure you that we will be able to issue refunds to all who chose this option.  Refunds will be processed within four weeks of your request. 


If you cannot wait until June 15 to make your decision and would like to cancel.  You may choose either of the aforementioned options now.

  • To Cancel and Request an Enhanced Credit

    • Click here to request an enhanced credit for next summer.  

  • To Cancel and Request a Refund

    • Please write to Rachel, our Enrollment Manager, and request a refund of the unused funds to the payment method we have on file.

While I wish it weren't so, we all continue down the path of uncertainty.  I am grateful for your loyalty, patience, understanding, and the words of encouragement that we have received from so many of our families.  I will be in touch again in advance of the June 15 deadline, and I hope much sooner.

Most sincerely,




Ronny Schindler


694 5 Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11215

Fax: 718-369-6053

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