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Sports Academy

For campers entering grades 1 - 6.

Available at all locations.

Soccer, volleyball, baseball  & more.

Perfect for athletes of any experience level looking to improve through drill, skill, and game-play. Our coaches and counselors will help your child develop self-confidence, the skill of teamwork, and the value of focusing on effort over outcome. Days are laced with messages reminding players how to win and lose graciously, promoting healthy competition.  Each week is a unique, action packed, fun-filled experience.  

Several days of the week will be team-sport heavy.

  • Two of these days will include two periods of instruction in soccer, volleyball, and/or baseball; one period per sport.

  • We’ll mix it up on Fridays, giving campers their choice of sport to focus on for the entire two-hour period. 

  • Instruction will be provided by experienced coaches.

Add to that a second core program in individual sports, like karate, fencing, tae kwon do, designed to broaden interests. Time allocations will be similar to team sports.

Day 9 Summer Camp 573.jpg

For the love of traditional camp.

But wait, there's more!  Traditional camp activities, special event theme days, swim, and beach add spirit and variety to round out the week.. 


  • Our beach program is second to none, giving everyone time to play sand soccer and beach volleyball, and of course time to cool off in the water.


  • It wouldn’t be the Park Slope Day Camp without Special Events, so we’ve got that too!


With all we have planned, we’ve also made time for a half-day trip and a swim in the pool, both once every week.

Sports Academy Fees

Dates, Fees, & Hours 2024


July 8 - August 16

Six weekly sessions beginning Week 2 of the camp season.

Registration Fee

$150 per child.  The registration fee is not refundable.

Weekly Registration

All six weeks

Any five weeks

Any four weeks

Any three weeks

Any two weeks

Any one week







Per Week







Combinations with Traditional Camp

See Traditional Camp Fees.  Fees are based on the total number of weeks attending, regardless of program.

Junior Camp

Middle Camp

Senior Camp


8:00 - 4:00 PM


Add Weeks in Traditional Camp

Combine your child's schedule with an experience in Traditional Camp, making it a truly tremendous summer!

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