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We recommend you keep these instructions open while you complete your child’s enrollment. If you need help, we're only a phone call away. Page numbers appear in a green box near the top of the application.


Important Registration Information

Summer Camp Enrollments

Page 1 - How do I choose my sessions?

1. There are 6 options for choosing your weeks, some of which contain options for Cirque d’Été and Sports Academy which are referred to as “Specialty Sessions.” When you find the option that’s right for you, click “Show Packages” to display your option
2. Once you have chosen an option, you will be offered a menu of weeks from which to choose.
3. If you are enrolling for at least one week in Traditional Camp, go to the section "SUMMER CAMP | Location" and choose a location.
Disregard the dates associated with the Locations. These dates are in no way associated with your child’s enrollment.

Page 2 - Entering my Household Information

Parents who reside separately should be entered as separate households 1. First Parent Enter your address and immediately underneath it, your personal information. 2. Second Parent If a second parent resides in YOUR HOUSEHOLD, click "add another parent/guardian who resides at the same address" If a second parent resides in a DIFFERENT HOUSEHOLD, click "add another parent/guardian who resides at a different address" and enter parent or parents there.

Page 3 - Adding a Bus for Specialty Sessions

If your child is NOT going to be riding a bus to or from camp but you would like to add the Express Bus between locations for the weeks your child is attending a specialty session. 1. Select “Show TRANSPORTATION | Express Bus Options 2. Choose Express Bus – Round Trip and indicate the number of weeks 3. In the memo box, indicate your preffered pick-up and drop off location.

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"I'm stuck!" Not sure how to move forward? We’re just a call away. 718.788.PSDC (7732) Forgot something? Don’t panic! If you remember, after you’ve submitted the form, that you left something out. Wait for a confirmation email, which should come within minutes, hit reply, and let us know what you need to add or change. It’s as simple as that and we’ll take care of it.