We have worked tirelessly to create a program with a focus on the safety of staff and campers. Regulations have severely limited our capacity and there will be no transportation to or from camp. 





One 2-week session

Two 2-week sessions

Three 2-week sessions

July 6 - 17

July 20 - 31


August 3 - 14

8:30 AM
4:00 PM

Second Child

Deduct 5% for one or two sessions

Deduct 10% for three sessions

3rd & 4th Child

Deduct 5% for one session

Deduct 50% two or three sessions




Location:  Windsor Terrace

at St. Joseph the Worker School on the Holy Name Campus
241 Prospect Park West between Windsor Place and Prospect Avenue.

Safety is always our priority.

Staff, campers, and adults dropping off campers will have their temperature taken with a quick contactless thermometer and may be asked a series of questions related to possible exposure to COVID-19 and/or symptoms of illness. PSDC-2020 will comply with all mandatory guidelines put forth by the New York State Department of Health, and will comply with recommended best practices whenever possible.


If there is a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 at camp, we will be in direct communication with both the NYS and NYC Departments of Health and follow their guidance for how to proceed. If someone presents with possible COVID-19 symptoms while at camp, they will be directed to a quarantine area where they will stay with a staff member while awaiting transport home. All facilities that the individual camper was in contact with will be vacated, deep cleaned, and disinfected per CDC guidelines.

Our Community Code of Conduct asks our staff and families to take every possible safety precaution to insure that you do not bring COVID-19 to camp.


St. Joseph the Worker school has made additional space available to us this summer and we are grateful to them.  Without additional space, it would be impossible to run PSDC-2020. In addition to air-conditioned classrooms which are spacious for groups of up to 10 campers and 2 or 3 staff, we will use five other large spaces including the cafeteria, gymnasium, and meeting hall. We will also make use of the large school yard and “Our Lady’s Field.”

Activities will be typical of those we always offer group games, arts and crafts, sports, and special events.  We will increase our staff of specialists and bring more variety to camp than ever. We will be creative with our outdoor spaces and add water elements whenever possible. There will be no trips this summer.  


The city has yet to decide if camps will be given access to the parks, but given the opportunity, we may walk to the nearby parts of Prospect Park and conduct some  of our activities there.