Olympics and Leadership at camp.

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

The PSDC Olympics is a tradition that uses friendly competition and community identity to foster a sense of belonging. Campers beam with their colors, group cheers echo through the park, and units come prepared to take on the challenge. It's safe to say that every day in camp is special, so what makes Olympics stand out from the rest? You can answer that in one word...


The Leadership Experience (a.k.a. "Leadership"), is our group of emerging high school students who take on the challenge of learning what it means to be a camp professional. The first milestone they reach is planning one of our most treasured annual events. To prepare, leadership learns the best ways to efficiently run a fun and safe event.

Workshopping ideas leads to challenging and rewarding events for younger campers.

Getting on a child's level helps establish a better connection. No WiFi needed.

Encouraging campers while they try new games means everyone feels supported.

Giving out clear and age-appropriate instructions sets campers up for success when trying new things.

The Leadership Experience is a step many of our current supervisors took to become the camp professionals they are today. We are proud to say the success of our community begins with the accomplishments of our youth.

For highlights of Olympics and more, follow our Instagram.


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