The Park Slope Day Camp Team

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Ronny Schindler

Owner / Director

Ronny has dedicated his life’s work to informal education and children’s development. He founded Park Slope Day Camp in 1992 and, with the help of his wife Lauri, built it from the ground up. Ronny holds a BA in History and an MA in Education and has 35 years of experience working with children, with more than 30 years right here in Brooklyn.  

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Lauri Schindler 


Lauri has been the backbone of PSDC since the beginning, starting with the very first mailing. She is a champion juggler (of tasks) and is one of the camp’s creative engines. Aside from her role at PSDC, Lauri is the mother of two, a trustee of the Park Slope Civic Council, and an active member of neighborhood institutions including Congregation Beth Elohim and New York Methodist Hospital.  

Shiry Meiron


Shiry has been the definition of camp spirit since 2000. Her ability to find the best quote for any situation is matched by her capacity for inspiration. Her enthusiasm and creativity transfers to the rest of our community and camp culture. A camp mom of three, she developed our Pee Wee Program to give families (and herself) better options for child care. Her oldest holds the record for most years in camp as a camper!

Zarreen Perpall

Director | Operations

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “How do they do that?” when watching professional athletes, you’ll understand exactly why we admire Zarreen. She makes sure everyone is where they need to be, doing exactly what they need to do. Snacks, permits, equipment, buses, aquatics… she does it all while making sure her niece has her camp lunch packed. Zarreens’ role in camp is what makes her a great travel buddy – always staying calm and up to try anything!

Kevin Scott

Assistant Director

No one can hold a conversation like Kevin, and if you want to talk about the Giants, prepare to stay a while. He loves having a good time and learning something along the way, so it makes sense that he plans the fun, educational trips our campers go on. Kevin believes healthy habits are key to a happy life. Kevin proudly experiences camp through the eyes of an Assistant Director and a camp dad.

Dayne Wolfman

Assistant Director

When Dayne isn’t making our campers laugh with a joke, he ensures our staff are well-trained, caring and passionate about what they do. He can make a game out of anything and loves to dance to any beat. As Assistant Director of Staffing, he hires the best staff and advocates for the members of our amazing team. During the school year, Dayne finds amazing specialists to instruct our Kids Orbit Schools

Reina Novell

Assistant Director

Reina’s superpower? Aside from giving the best restaurant recommendations, she is able to remember campers and their families even after they have been out of camp for years—her memory is a steel trap! Reina has never heard of the phrase, “I’m too tired” and she’s known for putting the “special” in Special Events. All of her counselors and kids love showing up in their fun outfits and costumes ready for games, songs and a good time.

Rachel Bosamonte

Enrollment Manager

If you’re a parent in our community, chances are you’ve spoken to Rachel. Any question from registration to Extra Fun on the last day, Rachel is here to help. She’s been in our community and knows camp inside and out. Her son attended camp for 11 summers so she has experienced what being a parent is like in every division! When our parents start to feel like part of the PSDC family, it is undoubtedly due to Rachel’s warm laugh and welcoming voice on the phone.

Zora Campbell

Lead Supervisor

Nothing wakes Zora up quicker than a cheer at the park. Her energy and compassion make her a perfect addition to our leadership team, and her son gives her new inspiration every day for role at camp. Zora loves bonding with staff and thinking of new ways to develop her unit. Zora holds the title of 90’s Karaoke Champion and will never give it up.

Oneka Kelly

Lead Supervisor

Want to know the easiest way to make friends with Oneka? Sing a song from the Lion King! She’s appeared in shows on Disney cruises, and somehow finds time to make her own scarves and hats. Oneka pumps up the energy at camp with songs and energy and can brighten any camper’s day with a few inspiring words.

Daniel Dixon

Lead Supervisor

If you’ve been at our Carroll Gardens location, you’ve surely experienced Daniel’s leadership style. From staff outfits for special events to the cheers and dances his campers know, Daniel loves being a part of it all. Every camper that’s been in one of Daniel’s group quickly learns what it means to be in the camp family.

Ali Miller

Sports Academy Lead Supervisor

The Park Slope Day Camp family comes from all around, including Minnesota! Ali has created a sports program that has the perfect balance of fun and instruction. She meticulously plans events and lessons to make sure every camper can benefit from the program. If you thought soccer is the only sport in her portfolio, guess again! Ali loves to listen to a podcast in between swimming, rock climbing, and handball, so if you’re an avid listener, be sure to get a recommendation from her!