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It's Game Time

for current or former campers grades 4-8


January 11

2-3 PM

Fortnite free play on Xbox Live! One hour, one day only.  Play head to head with friends and special guests from our staff.



Can you take the title of PSDC's best gamer?

To play, show this page to your parents and ask them to sign you up​!

A free and fun event for pre-teens & teens!

  • Respond to our "Game Club" email with your child's username and an email address.

  • Questions? Didn't get an email? Give us a call.

  • Only current and former PSDC campers from grades 4 through 8 are eligible to participate.

  • The event will be managed through an Xbox Club and participants' conduct will be subject to the same expectations of respect and consideration as any other camp program.


Play from home!