Campers entering grades 1-5

Windsor Terrace


Perfect for players of any level of experience looking to improve their game through drill, skill, and game-play.  Our coaches will help your young athlete develop self-confidence, learn teamwork, and to value the ability to win and lose graciously. Days are laced with messages reminding players of the importance of respect for teammates and opposing players, coaches, and officials.  Each two week session is a unique, action packed, and fun-filled experience.  The Sports Academy curriculum is designed in-house by Alekzandra Miller, Director of Sonic Soccer, and known to many as Coach Ali.


Specialized sessions in soccer skills followed by scrimmages, all designed to meet the range of age and ability levels of our campers.  These sessions are usually held at the Prospect Park Parade Grounds.


Traditional camp activities including games, arts & crafts, sports, climbing and water activities in Prospect Park and/or the Park Slope playground.  Weekly Special Events add camp spirit and variety.


Schedules may be modified or reversed according to our program.



Session 1: July 6 - 17
Session 2: July 20 - 31
Session 3: August 3 - 14



Why not supplement your child's schedule with an experience in Traditional Camp, making it a truly tremendous summer!


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Sports Academy (Soccer)