Extra Fun 



We call it Extra Fun because that's exactly what it is!  Campers attending Extra Fun leave their groups with one of their counselors before 4 PM dismissal begins and check in with the Extra Fun staff for an afternoon of camp games, board games, arts and crafts, and sports, as well as the opportunity to participate in a rotating variety of specialty activities.  Extra Fun ends at 6:30 PM.



Many campers stay late every day that they attend camp.  Others come "as needed."  In a pinch, we can always handle last minute requests.


FEES 2020

Per family Entire Schedule          $27/day including discount*

Per family Single Days                 $36/day



*25% off extra fun fees applies when you select extra fun for your child/ren's entire schedule, no matter how many or few weeks that might be.  Must be requested at least five days prior to your child/ren's first day of camp.

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