Community Code of Conduct

We’re all in this Together


We are excited and optimistic about this summer and confident that we can create and maintain a safe environment at camp.  But we are also realistic and know that we can’t do this alone.

Safety at camp begins at home.

  • Please recognize your responsibility to our community and adhere strictly to all regulations around social distancing, masking, hygiene, and sanitation.

  • We expect that over the course of our six-week season, NYC will continue to open up and the surrounding regions even more so.  Use your best judgement and continue to avoid interactions with groups of unmasked people, especially those who don’t maintain social distance.

  • Take every possible safety precaution to insure that you do not bring COVID-19 to camp.

If you cannot accept this responsibility, please withdraw your child from camp or resign your staff position, whichever applies.